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Would You Like To Have Unlimited Romantic Relationships With Gorgeous, Quality Women Without EVER Playing Games, Using Manipulative ‘Pickup’ Tactics Or Pretending Like You’re Not Interested?

The truth is this: Connecting with sexy, interesting, intelligent girls is very, very simple and it comes down to 2 things:  

  1. The Correct Mindsets
  2. Action
    You do NOT need a stack of routines, or a lot of money, or posh clothing, or ANY of that stuff that we’ve been TAUGHT we need. My job as a coach is to help you adopt the mindsets and encourage you take the action necessary to become a ‘natural’.
    If you ask women what a guy needs to do in order to be attractive to them, they often say the same thing: «Just be yourself!» But for some reason, guys have gotten it into their heads that you should NEVER listen to a woman about how to treat a woman. This one of the biggest lies in the dating/seduction community.

Women are, in fact, the BEST source of information and are INCREDIBLY honest and detailed in describing  exactly how  they want to be treated! All you have to do is ASK them, LISTEN and APPLY what you learn! So when a woman says «just be yourself», she really, really means it! While all women are different and like different things, this ‘just be yourself’ stuff is UNIVERSALLY attractive to girls.

Whatever issues you may experience with women (and within YOURSELF) stem from a lack of AUTHENTICITY

Do You Experience Any Of The Following?

Approach Anxiety – Paralyzing nervousness when you want to talk to a girl who looks good to you
Friends Zone – You spend time with an attractive woman and think it’s going well, only to hear ‘let’s just be friends…’ Self-Confidence Issues – Feelings of unworthiness, non-deserving, or low self-esteem

Last Minute Resistance (LMR) – Resistance, hesitation or lack of enthusiasm from women when you’re leading things in a sexual direction

Flaking – You get a girl’s number and she either ignores you, it fizzles out or you set up a date only to have her cancel last minute or stand you up

Marxist Paradox – The secret fear that no quality woman would ever want you. Named after the brilliant philosopher (Groucho) Marx who famously said ‘I would never want to belong to a club that would have me as a member. ’ (credit: Johnny Soporno)

Tenseness Around Women – Do you feel anything but pure ease and delight around women? Tension in your body?

Being Used – Women take advantage of you and see you as a walking wallet or this guy who gets them access to things they want

Lack of Choice – In both quantity and quality of women you want and on the terms you want

Sick of Bars & Clubs – Do you feel cornered into these high competition, high pressure environments because that’s where you THINK you should be meeting women? (Hint: I RARELY go to bars and clubs…)

Misogyny – Do you feel a secret (or not so secret) resentment towards women? Did you know this is KILLING your ability to meet and attract true quality women? Do you feel like men and women are engaged in a vicious ‘battle of the sexes’ in which the only way to win is through deceit, manipulation and at the expense of the other?

First of all, I want you to know that if ANY of the above items apply to you…there is NOTHING wrong with you! Most of these ‘issues’ are just things that come with the territory and will roll off your back with a little practice and a few adjustments to your belief system.

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