Attracting a Woman

If you want to attract a woman that you have your eye on, you will have to know how to strike up a conversation. When you start talking to her you will want to be interesting and not personal.
An interesting person will win the woman you are seeking and will show confidence in what they are speaking about. You want to be confident because no woman wants an insecure man for a lasting relationship.

If you get into a conversation that you do not know anything about, do not hesitate to say so because no one knows everything and she will be glad to know that she can teach you something you do not already know. That will make her feel important too. All women love to feel important and needed.
Women like a funny person but there is a difference between funny and stupid. Watch the reaction of others and if they roll on the floor with laughter, you are funny. If they are wrinkling their nose and rolling their eyes, you are not funny, you are acting stupid. Being funny will keep her coming back for more of your funny stories, but remember funny isn’t funny when the conversation is serious.

Pay attention to how you dress.

Always be neat and clean, never trashy. You do not have to spend fortunes on clothing. Women know clothes are just things and do not make the man. They do expect the man to have enough pride in himself to want to be neat and clean. If you are a laborer, you understandably get dirty at work. That doesn’t mean come home and sit around all night smelling of sweat in dirty work clothes. Take a shower and put on clean clothes before eating.

Don’t lie or lead a woman on. Be yourself. Be natural and you must may find someone for that lasting relationship. Lying or putting on an act will only blow up in your face later when she learns the truth and may cause irreparable damage.

Conversation can be easy if you just tell stories of your live or stories about books that you have read. Memorize some jokes and leave the debates of politics and religion for after you are better acquainted.

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